Meeting Room

meeting in the meeting room

The library offers free use of the meeting room for meetings and programs that serve an educational, cultural, civic, or recreational purpose.  Meetings and programs must be free and open to the public, non-commercial, and scheduled during open hours.  The meeting room is intended for specific events rather than for regularly scheduled, ongoing meetings.

If you're interested in reserving the meeting room, please read the Meeting Room Regulations. If your group meets the requirements, please fill out the Meeting Room Request Form online, scan a downloadable form, or drop by the library to fill out a form in person. If staff approve the request, you will be contacted by phone or email.

Additional Information About the Meeting Room

The meeting room is 17' x 19'.  Six conference tables are available (60" by 30" each).  Forty-six people is the maximum allowed in the room (standing room only). The furniture may be rearranged and additional chairs may be added as long as the furniture is returned to the original arrangement at the end of the meeting or program.

Refreshments are allowed (but not provided).  There is a small sink and counter area, coffee pot, and electric tea kettle for use.

Available equipment includes a 60" TV (for projection), laptop computer, slide projector, overhead projector, 16 mm film projector♦, conference telephone (phone only - connection hosting service is not provided by the library), and video conference equipment (requires 3- or 7-day advanced notice, depending on connection type).  There is also a projector screen and a white board in the room.

Outside Library Hours

Spaces in the library may be used for events and meetings during hours when the library is not open on a limited basis by reservation and for a fee. All after-hours events must be approved in advance by the Library Director and supervised by library staff or other supervisors approved by the Library Director. Scheduling of after-hours events is dependent upon availability of an individual approved to supervise. The fee for use may be waived at the discretion of the Library Director on a case-by-case basis for non-profit groups that provide significant support to the Library or Friends of the Homer Public Library. See the After-Hours Facility Use Agreement for fees and the conditions of use.


* Time shown as available on the calendar above does not guarantee that the library will be able to approve your request. Meeting Room Requests are only valid after confirmation from staff.

♦ Images are examples of the type of equipment and are not the exact make/models the library offers.