Services - Visually Impaired

Digital talking book player


Do you know someone who cannot read due to a visual or physical disability?

The Talking Book Center provides free access to recorded, large-print and Braille books to people of all ages who cannot read due to a visual or physical disability.


Visit Talking Book Center for details


Who is eligible?
The Talking Book Center serves individuals of all ages who have a visual or physical disability that limits use of standard print.  The application must be approved before joining this program.  Please feel free to contact the Talking Book Center with questions.

How is service started?
Application forms are available online or upon request at the Homer Public Library.  Fill out the application and take it to a healthcare professional to certify your eligibility.  Mail your completed application to The Talking Book Center.  After receiving your application they will loan you a digital player for your use.  The Talking Book Center then works with you to determine your reading preferences and how often you want to receive shipments of books.