Meeting Room Online Request Form

Our meeting room is intended to further the library's mission through enriching lives and encouraging self-education. Please read and understand the Meeting Room Regulations before submitting a request.

Your meeting will not be scheduled until the library receives a completed Meeting Room Request Form and you have received confirmation of the date/time by the Library Director or staff.

Programs must end 15 minutes before the library closes. Please include any anticipated set-up and take-down time when you are scheduling.

Please CHECK THE MEETING ROOM CALENDAR before submitting your request. You may also call the library (907-235-3180) to ask about open time periods or days. These conversations and the online calendar are not guarantees that the time slot will remain available.

All fields of this request form are required. Thank you!

Meeting Information
The primary use of the room is that of a public library. The Meeting Room is intended to further the library’s mission through enriching lives and encouraging self-education.
All events held within the Library during scheduled operating hours when the Library is open to the public must be of a non-commercial nature, free of charge, and open to the public. Direct or indirect sale of any product or service is prohibited, except for sales sponsored by the Library or Friends of the Homer Public Library. Non-profit organizations may accept donations to cover the cost of program or workshop presentation.
Private use of the Homer Public Library must be scheduled outside of normal business hours and there are fees associated with private use. Please read and submit the After-Hours Facility Use policy and form.
Remember that the room must be vacated 15 minutes prior to library closing time.
Equipment Needs
A marker board and projector screen are in the room. The library will provide you with any of the following items if you request them at this time:
A conference-capable speaker telephone will be provided. The library not responsible for setting up conference connection for multiple callers.
Please fill out the additional connection details needed for this connection below. Questions about video conference connections can be directed to Holly ( or 907-235-3180).
Video conference setup requires 3-day notice for connections to other Alaska locations with OWL equipment (public libraries, universities), or minimum of 7 working days for out-of-network connections or times scheduled outside of Mon-Fri 9a-5p AK time).