Coastal Erosion

Bishop Beach Homer Alaska

Coastal Erosion and Bank Stabilization Information

In 2004, the City contracted with the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve (KBRR) to conduct a coastal erosion study. KBRR acquired historical aerial photos, and drew a line at the top of the bluff for each photograph set. Then, the researchers calculated the average rate of erosion for each part of the Homer shoreline. You can view these photographs at City Hall in the Planning Department. We can also email you a map of a specific property.

The study did not look at what is causing the erosion, nor at ways to slow it down. The researchers did find that since 1975, the rate of erosion seems to be slower. Before, during and after the 1964 earthquake, erosion was faster. So the researchers extrapolated how much erosion could happen over the next 50 years, based on the 1975-current erosion rate, and the overall known erosion rate from 1951.

Maps: contact the Planning Department at 235-8121 ext 2237. 48 hours notice is appreciated. Lot specific maps can be emailed!


City permit requirements for bank stabilization projects: Call the Planning Department at 235-8121 ext 2239 for more information.

Things to know, people to talk to:

We encourage neighbors to work together to solve erosion problems, and to help each other out on the permit process.

Kachemak Bay is a Critical Habitat Area below 17.4 ft, Mean high water (?). You may need additional permits or approval to operate equipment within this area. Agencies you may need to speak with:

* Army Corps of Engineers, Kenai office: 283-3519

* Dept Fish and Game

* Kenai River Center, Coastal Management Consistency Review, Gary Williams (907) 714-2216