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Planning and Zoning permits

Planning and Zoning staff are available to help you through the permit process, to save you time, money and effort! Contact us early and often when planning your project.

Planning and Zoning staff issue several types of permits. The City of Homer does not have a building inspection program and does not issue building permits. Click here for more information. However, Zoning permits are required prior to clearing, developing property, and new construction, including additions. Small accessory buildings such as tool sheds and greenhouses, under 200 square feet, detached from a main building, may be exempt from permitting but must still meet setback requirements. Still not sure if you need a permit? Give us a call or check out our brochure.

Common permits include:

  • Zoning permit
  • Driveway Permit (see public works)
  • Water/sewer permits (see public works)
  • Wetland documentation if there are wetlands on the property

Commercial permits include all of the above, and also require a state fire marshal certificate, a Development Activity Plan and Storm Water Plan  (NOT the same as a state SWPPP for disturbing an acre or more) may also be required.  A Fire Marshal Approval Letter is often needed for existing commercial buildings (7-years or older) that have not had a previous Fire Marshal Plan Review. 

Usually, the zoning permit will only be issued if all other permits have been acquired and a copy supplied to the planning department. If everything is in order, permits are typically issued within 5-10 working days.

If your project requires a Conditional Use Permit or other approval requiring a public hearing in front of the Planning Commission, generally add at least two months to the timeline. Planning staff can discusss your specific project and timeline with you.


Who to contact

Army Corps of Engineers, Kenai Office (907) 283-3519. Here’s the link to the ACOE application.

Here’s the link to the ACOE checklist.  Scroll down to pg. 4 for a sample drawing. 

City of Homer Public Works, driveway, water and sewer permits 235-3170

State of Alaska DOT, driveway permits along state roads epermit system, or call 1-800-770-5263

Alaska State Fire Marshal Phone: (907) 269-5604

Other Service Providers. This list is provided for your convenience; the City of Homer does not verify the qualifications of these businesses. * denotes a local business in the Homer area. Other firms listed are generally located in the Kenai and Soldotna area.


*Ability Surveys, Gary Nelson      235-8440   surveying

*Alaska Infrared, Bill Walker       235-6838, 399-7707 Infrared inspections of roofs, walls for air and water leaks. Radon testing.
*Patrick Church                           235-7388   surveying, as-builts
*Seabright  Surveying                 235-4247  survey, engineering, DAP, SWP project permitting
*Mullikin Surveys                         235-8975  surveying
McLane Consultants                    283-4218  survey, engineering, DAP, SWP
Nelson and Associates                283-3583  survey, engineering, DAP, SWP project permitting
Taurianen Engineering                262-4624  engineering, DAP, SWP, drafting
*Coble Geophysical                     235-1066  geophysical research and consulting (ground water studies, erosion, etc)
*USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, 238-8177 Soil and natural resource consultants
*Harness Brothers Construction  299-2058 drafting
*Dutch Boy Landscaping              235-7140  landscaping
*Garden by Design                       235-1900  landscaping and desing
*Ground Control                           235-1521  Hydroseeding & bobcat work

Private Building Inspectors and Energy Raters
*Ted Veal                                       235-7461 Energy Rater
*Bill Steyer                                     399-1078 Energy Rater, Residential and Commercial
*Franco Venuti                               235-7480 Residential & Commercial Building Inspector
Wisdom and Associates                 235-6045 Residential & Commercial Building Inspector,                                                            Energy Rater
*Peninsula Home Inspections        756-1979 Residential Inspector