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The natural gas assessments are due September 1st by 5:00pm. Property owners have the option to pay over a 10 year period at a 4% interest rate, costing $405.27 a year, or a one-time upfront payment of $3,265.77 for each parcel of real property. Payments may be made in person at City Hall, by mail, or with a credit card over the phone. The penalty for non-payment is an added 10% of the total outstanding balance AND the remaining balance will draw at an interest rate of 10.5% per annum until paid. 

See below for a payment schedule and the final assessment roll. Homeowners at 125% of the current U.S. Health and Human Services poverty guidelines can apply for a deferred assessment. More information on how deferred assessments work can be found here. 



The Planning Commission continues to work on the towers ordinance. You can view the draft ordinance below.

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Flood Development Permit and Floodplain maps

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Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission, 2015 Review of Beach Policy


City of Homer Alaska Official Website

Help Homer’s Emergency Services find YOU when YOU need them most.

City of Homer Alaska Official Website

The City of Homer has land for sale!


City of Homer Alaska Official Website

The Alaska Dept. of Transportation invites the public to comment on:

1)Sterling Highway and Main Street Intersection Improvements

City of Homer Alaska Official Website

Welcome to the Homer Park, Art, Recreation and Culture Needs Assessment!

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